Coon Rapids Alano Society

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About Coon Rapids Alano Society
The Coon Rapids Alano is a Non-profit organization that has been providing a meeting location for  alcoholics, friends and family members of alcoholics; allowing them to  recover from the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction since 1970.

Recovery Groups available currently at the Coon Rapids Alano are: Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon and Alateen.  
There is at least one meeting daily.  Check our meeting schedule to find which meeting bests suits you. 

If additional information is needed please contact us via phone or by the contact us tab. 

Coon Rapids Alano  Board Members

President                        Jim E.

Vice President                 Paula A.

Treasurer                        Tedd W.

Secretary                        Linda E.

Supplies                          Jim U.

Internet / Liaison             Rob K.

​Co.Chairs:                       Mike O. & Mardi O. 
Meetings Located at 1635 Coon Rapids Boulevard Suite 100, Coon Rapids, MN 55433